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NHL Ref Wes McCauley Has Been Putting In Some WORK To Get Ready For The Season Opener

We're just about 24 hours away from the first puck drop of the 2021 NHL season. While we're all excited for hockey to be back, we should all keep in mind that the first few weeks of the season are probably going to be a little rough. Teams barely had the chance to get a training camp in, and also didn't get a chance to play any preseason games to get the final roster tuned up. 

And it's not just the players. It's the officiating crews as well. I know that some of these guys have had the chance to ref some split squad scrimmages around the league but for the most part, this will be the first time these guys work a game in months. They're going to be a little rusty. They're going to miss a few calls here and there, and they might even screw up some of the calls they actually get around to making. 

But not Wes McCauley. Because this man is a professional. This man is a veteran. He knows what it takes to be great in this league, and it's all about putting in the work while nobody else is watching. Those legendary calls don't just make themselves, ya know. He's gotten to where he's at after putting in the hours and making the sacrifices it takes to become elite. Just look at that puck drop. 

It's a shame that GIFs don't have sound because the snap on that puck is one of the most satisfying sounds known to man. And yeah, there might have been a little wobble on that puck. But the velocity of the initial drop combined with how quickly it settled back to flat? That's an A- puck drop and we haven't even officially started the season yet. Just imagine what that'll look like after he gets some more reps in after working a few games. 

And just in case you don't think that preseason training is equally as important to refs as it is for players, keep in mind that the officials will have a new signal to dial in this season. The official fighting signal. 

Holy fuck I can't wait to watch Wes break that one out for the first time this year. It's going to be electric. Wouldn't be shocked if he breaks out into a full blown shadow box session. Legend.