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Big Shout Out To The Star Of 'Electric Blue: Nude Wives - Private Part' And 'Lesbian Nurses' On Being Named A Board Member At West Ham

[DailyMail] - West Ham have appointed Eve Vorley, a director of X-rated films such as 'Lesbian Student Nurses' and 'Horny Housewives on the Job', to their board.

Vorley, whose real name is Emma Benton-Hughes, is the partner of West Ham's co-chairman David Sullivan and has been pictured at the London Stadium watching the Hammers in action on numerous occasions.

The 55-year-old Vorley was a Page 3 girl and involved in a number of adult films in the late 90s and early 2000s. She starred in films such as 'Lesbian Nurses', 'Electric Blue: Nude Wives - Private Parts' and 'Naked Neighbours', and directed films including 'Horny Housewives on the Job' and 'Sex Mad Secretaries'.

Talk about your all-time glow ups. Going from starring and directing porn movies that sound like they'd be on old school Skinimax to now a board director at West Ham. Not just West Ham, 10th place in the Premier League West Ham. Not too shabby for the Hammers and yes that name is a million times funnier now that there's a former porn star/director helping run the show. 

Speaking of the names of the movies she was a star in, it just reminded me how great it was growing up. I'm not talking the days of downloading porn on Kazaa and Limewire and 100% giving your family computer a virus and blaming clicking a link or something to your dad. I'm talking those late nights on HBO and Cinemax. The names of those softcore porns will always be the best. We need to slap some of those on PornHub just for nostalgia reasons. But then you'd catch an episode of Real Sex and woo buddy was that an eye-opening show. Nothing like seeing a bunch of old, fat nudists running around. You'd battle through it though for the movie that started at midnight. 

But back to Emma Benton-Hughes here. How about the fact her BROTHER led her fan club? 

Her brother, Jonny Trunk, helped run her fan club which at one point exceeded 19,000 members. In a piece in The Times, Trunk explained that his sister turned to the industry when her first husband left her and she fell on hard times financially. 

'To start with, it was a bloody odd experience, but it soon became ordinary. I'd be stuffing pictures of my semi-naked sister into envelopes and she'd be in the kitchen with her tracksuit on, feeding the cat.

I'm all for helping family, but count me out on the softcore version of Game of Thrones. Pretty sure you could just find a regular person to help run your fan club instead of asking your brother to help stuff pictures of you semi-naked. Don't think I'd be a great fan club president of my sister, that's just me. 

It makes sense though that Benton-Hughes gets this job. Sure, she's the partner of West Ham's chairman. Of course that's how she got the job. But you don't think someone who directed the hit 'Horny Housewives' doesn't know how to make board decisions? How dare you? 

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