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Diabolical Woman Gets Revenge On Her Boyfriend By Destroying His Apartment

Fellas, I’ve been in the dad game for a long time. One of the things these last 15 years has taught me is that under no circumstances, NONE, can you permit glitter into your home. You allow a thimble of glitter to break the door seam and you’ll be overtaken by a tidal waves of glitter for the rest of time.

This dude is gonna be finding glitter in his Butthole for months or possibly years. He is fucked and why? Because he wanted some coochie fries on the side. He’s been in her micribs over and over. Perhaps he wants to dip his chicken nugget in a little Polynesian sauce. Something exotic. Something erotic. Something that makes the heart palpitate with a flutter that ends in a fluffernutter.

Ladies, I love this shit. We aren’t laying down anymore when our man lays down with some fucking SKANK! You skank me; I glitter you. Thems the rules in 2021 because we can’t abide a side piece. It ain’t hate; bad bitches don’t tolerate.