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Remember That Young Francisco Lindor + Mets Fan Who Freaked Out When He Heard The Mets Acquired His Favorite Player? Well Lindor Called Him Yesterday And It Was Awesome

Last Week:


THAT'S. MY. SHORTSTOP/SUPERSTAR/FACE AND FUTURE OF THE MOTHERFUCKING FRANCHISE. Cleveland fans weren't kidding when they said Frankie Lindor was a beautiful human to watch even when he isn't doing Hall of Fame shit on the baseball diamond. I'm a grown ass man who has woken up with a pep in his step every day since this trade went down. So I can't imagine what little Melo feels like after these last two videos. Maybe he can become our Mets Patrick McGillicuddy that knows nothing but sports happiness in his life.

I guess smiling is just going to be a thing we do on a consistent basis again instead of on Opening Day, a few random weeks in the spring, and whenever a new video of Bartolo striking out middle schoolers hit Instagram. Your face's smile muscles may hurt a bit because you haven't used them a whole lot recently. But it appears that Francisco Lindor and Uncle Stevie are here to turn your frown upside down for good.