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The Barstool Fund - New York Pickle Deli

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New York Pickle Deli is the freshest breakfast and lunch place around. They have an innovative menu with many unique twists on breakfast and lunch fare. For breakfast don't look for "canned" corned beef hash because they have made our own for almost 30 years.



Reader Email

We are a 35 year old business with 2 generations of family working and running it. We are well known in our community for our unique breakfast and lunch offerings. We are also a corporate caterer to some of the biggest offices in the area. With our limited seating after re-opening and a 4 month shutdown also the offices empty around us we are currently at a 60% drop in business. We were forced to close in the middle of March with no notice and consequently lost over $10k in inventory with no help from insurance to even cover that. We struggle each day to be what our customers expect but with the added costs associated with keeping all safe. At the beginning of the shutdown we donated gloves that we had stockpiled prior to a local hospital, knowing that they needed them and we had them. We now have to purchase the same gloves for 4 times the price. We have no regrets for that decision however. We've supported our local community for years- working with veterans, schools, local police, churches, pet rescues, dream ride- the list is endless. We have watched children grow up in our restaurant, and they later become employees. While some landlords are forcing their tenants out due to non payment, etc- what they don't understand is that a business like ours is not easily replaced. We are ingrained in the community. We are not just another restaurant or franchise. Our business is our life. We built it ourselves and had this pandemic not happened, we were set up for this year to be one of our best yet. We are a tough, smart, hardworking family, and we've tried to pivot in every way possible without going under, but we are also smart enough to ask for help. Should you chose to help us you would literally be changing lives of families that have been working on this dream. We based our entire life plans on this business.