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Ho Hum Alabama Dominates Ohio State In Natty, Wins 6th Championship Since 2009

In a game that I thought was going to be a lot closer than it was, Alabama straight up dominated Ohio State. 52-24. Devonta Smith made OSU look silly before he left the game with a finger injury...

I felt bad for Ohio State throughout the game. Alabama made it look easy. They were just flat out better than them.

The only time the game was any close was this fumble sack from OSU:

It was the only pressure they put on Mac Jones at any point. The pass rush from Ohio State did just not show up tonight, neither did Shaun Wade.

It was silly for me to think Ohio State had a shot. Alabama came into this game and made anyone who doubted them look silly.

Before it was over there was a guy named Spade scoring for Alabama....SPADE!

Congrats, Alabama. You deserve it. 6 championships in the last 11 years.