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I Am Here To Face The Music. Alabama Dominated The Covid-Ridden Buckeyes

My response:

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Just kidding. I'll face the music. I've talked that shit all year and I'll man up and take it now.

I concede. Alabama is just too good. Well, Alabama is just too good for an Ohio State team that was without 13 players due to covid and an injury to their best running back on the first play of the game, but I'm not going to make excuses tonight. Wait, one more:

Okay, now I've got that out of my system, let's talk about the game. But seriously, how does Alabama not have one single player test positive the entire year? Kind of interesting that the only tests these players can pass on their own is the covid test. Or maybe their tutors took those for them too? Anyways, I think Dr Fauci should head on down to Tuscaloosa and do a study to see how they solved this contagious disease. Seems like they know something that everyone else doesn't, because the virus is hitting literally every other region of this country pretty hard right now. Not The University of Alabama though. 0 positive cases on the football team. 

I heard this guy was in charge of testing procedures:

Tough when you're playing by different rules. But aside from the fact that the Big Ten's protocols were overly strenuous while the SEC literally allowed anyone that breathed to play, nothing else mattered tonight except for two things: Alabama had Devonta Smith and Ohio State did not have any defensive backs that could stay in the same area code as him.

Has anyone lost more money in one night than Shaun Wade just did? He wanted Devonta Smith and he just got him. I saw Desmond Howard said before the game that if Shaun Wade guards Devonta for the entire game, his draft grade will be Free Agent by the end of the night. That may be too high as it currently stands. I wouldn't pick Shaun Wade to play defense on my two hand touch team at recess. Would probably get beat off the line and then quit when he's losing….just like he did tonight.

Speaking of quitters, thank you to Justin Fields for not quitting on us this season. Thanks for using your voice to give us a season. You have etched your place in Ohio State lore. What do you say we do this for one more year? Let's get the band back together and make another run at this. Ugh, I can't even fake it. I enjoyed having perhaps the most talented quarterback in Ohio State history for the two years we did. Kirby Smart is a moron. Thanks for choosing Jake Fromm, you idiot. Justin Fields, it has been my pleasure cheering for you. Good luck in New York.

Alright guys, whatever. You win some and you lose some. 99.9% of the time we win, but tonight we lost. Only one team gets to raise the trophy at the end of the year and this season it wasn't us. I'll take a run to the National Championship one million times out of a million and one, only exception being 2014. And the best part is that I get to go to bed tonight knowing that I still get to wake up tomorrow living in Ohio. The rest of you can't say that and I feel sorry for you. Go Browns.