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Sharks Center Logan Couture Tonight On KFC Radio, Special Mystery Guest (Bryan Beer) Next Week!

So tonight we’re getting into the interview game. Starting off with San Jose Shark Center Logan Couture. Extra bonus because Logan is currently in our city preparing to face the Hawks on Friday night. We’ll ask him things like. What does it feel like to be a millionaire? Does Tommy Wingels constantly talk about New Trier? And, you’re a professional athlete, what’s that like, probably fun right? You get it. Hard hitting stuff. Wachtdog is going to bark right in his face, and by that I mean I’m going to be like Chris Farley interviewing Paul McCartney, probably just mumble like a fat idiot for 10 minutes.


THEN. Next week, we have a special mystery guest lined up, not really a mystery because I’m terrible at keeping secrets, GUTS All-Star, bull rider, greatest athlete in the history of the world, Bryan “Wild Thing” Beer II (he goes by II and not Jr., such a boss move). I talked to Bryan last night on the phone, basically the biggest moment of my life, and he is going to have some stories for us. He still has the Crag, still has the shoes and uniform, and confirmed that yes, if he had wanted to he definitely could have gone pro in all 4 major sports.


So here we are. Professional Athletes. GUTS legends. We’re trying to grow this radio show each week. Thanks to everyone who has watched/listened so far, hopefully getting these interviews will make it that much better.


I’ll post a live link to the show tonight at 7 pm central time here so anyone who wants to watch can.

If you have a question you want Logan to answer, let us know.