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It's Only January 11th And We Already Have The Hockey Quote Of The Year

And naturally, it comes from the KHL. This darkly hilarious jaw-dropper of a quote reminds me of a line from the comedy GOAT...

This is an "it's okay if I fuck with this person/place/thing because it's mine...but you can't because it's not yours" type of joke. And when it comes to poking fun about a nuclear meltdown possibly recalibrating DNA, I'll certainly defer to the Belarusians. 

Or maybe, knowing what we know about the U.S.S.R., this guy is 100% serious and this quote is the KHL equivalent of "we need to bear down". 

"Dmitry, it's Sergei from Propaganda Network #1, you block many shots...are you steel?"

"No, I'm not made of steel. I was just born near Chernobyl."

"And what is story with penalty-killing?"

Also gotta love the individual running social media for the second-best league in the world. "This player is [sarcastically?] saying his strength and pain tolerance is due to being born near a radioactive do we convert this into clout?" That's just innate stuff you can't teach. Might have to hire that person to kick off Barstool St. Petersburg.

Either way, we haven't even reached the Super Bowl and the leader in the clubhouse for Hockey Quote of the Year is gonna be tough to catch.

(If you've never seen the HBO mini-series "Chernobyl", it's a must-watch as I wrote in 2019.)