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Dixieland Delight Taking You Into The National Championship Game

The world is desperate to return to some form of normalcy right now. Well more specifically, it's the people who are yearning for normalcy. The world is actually doing everything in its power to keep the chaos rolling. 

But the world is no match for Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide. As much as it wants to keep this wave of pandemonium going, the Tide rolls on. And the quickest way to get planet Earth back on track to where things were before the events that led up to March 2020 would be for Alabama to win their 18th National Title tonight. Nothing says normalcy quite like Bama gazing down upon the rest of college football from the top of the mountain. It's the world we know. It's the world we love. It's the world we need to return to. 

And if for some reason Howie Roseman still has a job by the time the game is over tonight, I just hope to god that he spent the full game watching DeVonta Smith's each and every move. Need the Slim Reaper hauling in touchdown pass after touchdown pass from Carson Wentz or Jalen Hurts next year. Doesn't matter which one, just make it happen.