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Steelers Players Are Somehow Still Talking Shit About The Browns

He could be right, the Chiefs might destroy the Browns this weekend, but guess what...

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That is so fucking lame man, but I also love it. The Steelers got their teeth kicked in last night, and the Browns, rightfully so, stuffed it in their face after the game.

I have no idea what the future holds for the Browns, but you can sense a little bit of momentum turning in this once-heated rivalry. With the older guys on their way out, the younger guys (JuJu is, somehow, 4-2-1 vs. the Browns) don't quite have the bulletproof record that Ben Roethlisberger has carried for years (24-3-1). Last I checked, Chase Claypool is 1-2 vs. the Browns in his career.

Kevin Stefanski is going to have the Browns focused, whether it is next week or the next few seasons to come. Let the Steelers keep talking.

As JuJu said, "the Browns is the Browns."

Let the fun VICTORY WEEK continue…

PS - The Browns offensive line MAULED the Steelers last night…