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Seinfeld Vs The Fresh Prince In A Battle To The Death

On the last episode of LCB, we did a ranking of our top 5 favorite pre-2000s tv shows (No new episodes released after 2000). I underline here because there is a very important difference between favorite and best which people are going to willingly ignore. Anyway, here is an extremely subjective breakdown of our rankings. 

Me (The Fresh Prince, Star Trek TNG, Yu Yu Hakusho, DBZ, MST3k) - Grade C+: Obviously favorites are extremely subjective, but not having Seinfeld on my list hurts bad. The reason it's not on is this: I'm not a fraud. Seinfeld was over when I was 5 and I never watched the reruns, only an episode here and there. As a huge Curb Your Enthusiasm fan, it is a shameful fact. I like to think that myTNG, anime and MST3K get me some more respect in the cult tv following, but I know it's too harsh of a mark missing one of the kings. 

P.S. all of Seinfeld is on Hulu and I'm going to officially start it this week.

Jeff (Seinfeld, Growing Pains, Figure It Out/Legends of the Hidden Temple, Kids in the Hall/In Living Color, Dinosaurs) - Grade B+: Jeff has fantastic picks on his board. 2 legendary Nick shows, 2 legendary skit shows, and arguably the best sitcom ever. The only thing holding me back from giving him an A is that he made 7 picks in a 5 pick draft. He cheated me and trill! I would have made 10 selections if I knew I could do that. 

Trillballins (Seinfeld, The Fresh Prince, The Wonder Years, The Critic, The Golden Girls) Grade A-: He followed the rules, he got the two heavyweights in Seinfeld and the Fresh Prince, and he nabbed the Critic! 

Audience Vote (The Fresh Prince, Seinfeld, Rocko's Modern Life, TMNT, The Twilight Zone) - Grade A: Like Trill, they got the 2 big dogs but also added Rocko's Modern Life which is a slight edge on the critic. The Twilight Zone is a pick I would have put on the BEST TV show pre-2000 list, but I don't know about favorite

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