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The Barstool Fund - Brook and Co. Salon

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Brook and Co. Salon has become a staple in Columbia City over the last four years. They have become involved in the community through generous initiatives such as Cuts for Kids — in which every child from K-through-12 can receive a free haircut before the new school year begins.



Reader Email

This business started as a dream when I couldn’t afford to attend a conventional college. I thought I could get my cosmetology license and work through college. Little did I know how much my clients would affect my life. I absolutely love the connection and the friends I’ve made along the way. Changing the way someone feels about themselves and giving clients self confidence is something a conventional college could never bring me. Fast forward 10 years marriage to my high school sweetheart and 3 kids later, my dream became a reality. I opened a full service salon in a small town and it took off. Starting with 4 employees we grew so fast and look as though we weren’t slowing down. In our community we started a program called Cuts for Kids and it was even featured on the local news stations. This event is something we saved for every year. It provides any school aged child a free haircut to start school off on the right foot. We set up in the gym at the elementary and work our tails off for 6 hours cutting hair. We also provide a full tables with everything on the school supply list so the kids can “shop” for their own school supplies. They get to pick a book bag and fill it all for no cost and leave feeling ready to go back to school prepared. That along with Humane Shelter and High School sports are how we help impact our community every year since we opened. This year unfortunately we could not offer any event for child because of Covid. We shut down for 7 weeks and have had some many last minute cancellations because of quarantine or staff exposure. We all do our part we require every person to wear a mask and sanitize to ensure our business stays clean, but my staff is struggling. I have paid out of pocket 4 weeks full pay for everyone on top of the ppe loan pay everyone received. My staff can’t do did it without clients coming in. I know we can get back to where we were once this pandemic is over and I assure you if we get grant money when we can we will pay it forward. I’m just a small town girl with big dreams and a staff that I love like family. I will give them whatever I can but at some point the business will not survive if I continue paying the girls in full without money coming in. I appreciate you reading my story and thank you from all small business owners we are so grateful.