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The Eagles Have Fired The Only Head Coach To Win Them A Super Bowl Just 3 Years After He Won Them The Super Bowl

PHILADELPHIA -- The Eagles have fired coach Doug Pederson, a source told ESPN's Dan Graziano, ending a partnership that delivered the first and only Super Bowl title in the city's history.  Pederson was expected to remain as coach despite a 4-11-1 finish, but multiple meetings with owner Jeffrey Lurie over the past week left his boss unconvinced that Pederson had a sound vision for how to address the myriad issues facing the team, sources said, from navigating the Carson Wentz situation to fixing an offense that finished 26th in scoring (20.9 PPG) and 28th in passing yards (207.9 YPG) in 2020.  Lurie was also not sold on Pederson's plans regarding his coaching staff, sources said. Pederson pushed for passing game coordinator/quarterbacks coach Press Taylor to be elevated to offensive coordinator rather than bringing in a more established candidate. The issue of how to fill the void left by defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, who plans to take the year off from football in 2021, was also unresolved.

And that's that.  3 years after winning basically the only thing the city of Philadelphia has dreamed about for generations, Doug is out.  Dust in the wind.  That's all she wrote.  42-37-1 and 4-2 in the postseason, which includes a Super Bowl victory.  

Jeffrey Lurie has bet on Howie Roseman over Doug Pederson.  And does that matter?  NOPE. Howie Roseman is now onto being the GM of his 4th coaching regime in 9 years.  Think about that.  He was the GM during "The Dream Team".  He was GM when they allowed Andy Reid to fire Sean McDermitt (pretty damn good coach, eh?) and switch the OL coach to Defensive Coodinator because "Juan's seen every blitz package imaginable."  He was GM when they fired Andy Reid after a 4-12 season with that Dream Team fallout roster that included the WORST draft of all-time (which had objectively some of the best talent of any draft ever) - Seriously, look it up and puke: Eagles 2011 Draft. He was GM when they brought on Chip Kelly. He was THE main factor in which he could not work with the HC (one who won 10 games in each of his first two years) and that experiment blew up.  

And he was GM when the Eagles batshit luckily hired Doug Pederson as their 200th coaching choice and brought on Joe Douglas to actually build a roster.  Kudos to that.  I've said this before, but I would've bet ANYTHING against Doug Pederson winning a Super Bowl as head coach of the Eagles.  Like, I sometimes question my own existence because of that man's success.  If I can be THAT wrong about Doug, what else am I wrong about?  But the man won and good for everyone involved...

And then Joe Douglas left.  I'm still convinced that both him and Frank Reich were both MAJOR parts in that team's success. Why? Cause after they left things started to deteriorate both on and off the field.  On the field Doug was doing what he could, but he wasn't exactly given much help with injuries and the lack of depth/talent on the roster.  And Howie started to go back to doing more things wrong than right. Alshon's contract. Giving Wentz all that money then drafting Jalen Hurts for some reason soon after. Drafting JJAW over anyone breathing and then a year later Jalen Reagor over Justin Jefferson - my personal favorite where the Vikings LITERALLY LAUGH IN HOWIE'S FACE: 

The list goes on and on and on and on and on and it's insanity cause it's the same shit, different season.  Howie is the common denominator over everything that has been shitty with this franchise over the past decade.  If only Jeffrey Lurie ever wakes up to realize that.  

As for who's next to take charge of the Eagles, it's EASILY the worst job in the market to fill. It's an awful cap situation, roster older than dick, gotta deal with Howie who would throw you under the bus in the quickest way possible, nightmare QB situation.  Whoever takes it is STUCK. The Eagles ain't a dream job when the likes of the Chargers are built to win already.  Or Jax and the Jets where you got a lot of room to control your own destiny.  I mean at this point the Eagles should hire Adam Gase and send this franchise to the 7th level of hell.  Fuck it.  Honestly don't hate it.  Convince Howie he's a genius by making this move and BAM - 2 seasons of 2 wins later we're ready to roll with a free'd up cap and a few Top 5 picks.

As for Doug, he'll be just fine.  Will probably be a great coach with Jacksonville or Houston or wherever he lands next.  Because he will be hired ASAP.  We'll always have Philly Philly.