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Former Special Ed Teacher Who Was Struggling To Support Her Family Financially Is Now Making Bank As An Only Fans Superstar

NY Post

I feel like a big trend we're seeing of late is people leaving behind their old jobs to hop on Only Fans and find happiness. Welcome to the 2020s. I have nothing but props for these human beings stumbling upon incredible opportunities that help them prosper. Do what you gotta do to make the best out of this little thing called life. You're seeing it all over the place and if you have an issue with it, get over yourself. 

Here we have Courtney Tillia moving on from her special ed teaching job that wasn't getting it done in terms of providing for her four children. She turned to Only Fans and now makes FOUR times what she used to. 

“I make four times the annual income I would make as a teacher,” the Arizona native, 33, told The Post of her avant-garde career change. “I’ve been making even more money during the pandemic because people are just stuck home wanting to enjoy my content.”

But outside of posing in lusty lingerie pictures and naughty-girl nudes for her 200,000 online admirers, Tillia is a wife and mother of four just trying to make ends meet. 

Her family is rolling in dough as they now live comfortable lives. And while all of that is happening she's pleasing literally hundreds of thousands of people across the world (200,000 subscribers). This is the new version of the American dream. 

Go Courtney Go. Why couldn't any of my teachers have looked like this?