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What's The Play For This Dude Who Accidentally Texted His Hinge Date "She's Way Bigger Than I Thought"???

Absolute fucking nightmare fuel. No, I'm not talking about the girl. She handled this with grace and humor, good on her. I'm talking about the dude and putting myself in his shoes because EVERY LAST ONE OF US has been in his position. It could be about a girl, a coworker, a sibling, a boss, a parent, it could be about whomever. This situation is worse than being waterboarded. I mean that with no embellishment at all. 

It's simple: you're sitting there, having a convo with whomever. Maybe you're arguing with that person, maybe the conversation is cordial. Doesn't matter. What matters is the person on the other end of the text is rubbing you the wrong way for some reason and in turn, you feel like blasting them to another person via text message. 

That's when it happens: you accidentally send the text to the person you're trying to shit talk.

I've seen it a million times. I've done it a million times. We've all done it a million times.

The split second after you send that text knowing it went to the person you're trying to shit talk is absolute grade A torture in every single way. Your mind starts racing. You try to send a followup text acting like it was meant for them but just dig yourself into a deeper hole. They know you're being a cunt and that you're trying to back track and you have no clue what to do because you want to make it right... there's just no making it right, especially when you basically called a girl fat to her face. 

Cuncel this guy. He's done. Finished. He ceases to exist. 

What's his play here? He's obviously not getting laid this go around and he's lucky it seems to be their first date. His only move is to give some sort of half assed apology and move on to Cincinnati, right? And what is the play in general for this situation? I honestly have no idea, like I said, I usually just back track and dig myself into a deeper hole, so I'll leave it to the comment section. You guys typically have good ideas. The next time I'm bombing away in my DMs and fuck up like this, I need a game plan so I'm going to outsource to you guys for this one. 

Let me know. Thx