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The NBA Has To Postpone Two More Games In What Is Quickly Turning Into A Disaster

Another day, another postponment in the NBA. This quickly has the feel of something that's going to happen pretty much every day for the foreseeable future. I feel for Sixer fans because they for sure got boned with their situation, but you're kidding yourself if you think this isn't going to keep happening. As long as Adam Silver is hell bent on plowing forward and not taking a "pause" on the season, we're going to see more and more of these situations pop up. 

This is a bummer not just because Luka vs Zion is always worth watching, but it was also the night we were finally going to see this guy on the court for the first time this season


I imagine Mavs fans are pretty excited to see that duo back together again considering they are two unicorns. 

This news is literally breaking as I write this blog, so now it looks like Celts/Bulls will be postponed tomorrow as well

This entire thing is quickly turning into a giant shit storm. At what point does the league say enough is enough and put things on pause? If they don't want to do that, will they at least extend roster spots so teams can field the minimum number of players? I know they are trying to fit everything in before the Olympics, but we are at risk of ruining what was a very hyped up NBA season. It's an unprecedented time and the league is trying to navigate through something nobody has ever dealt with before. If they aren't going to head to a bubble environment, smash pause on the season and figure this shit out.

The problem is everything was collectively bargained between the owners and the players, so I'm not even totally sure what can be revised. Everyone agreed to the current protocols and plan. But shit changes. Things don't go like you thought and you have to adjust. The second half dates aren't even scheduled yet, so take a step back and revise the plan.

I know the league cares about a competitive balance and all that shit, and right now they are at risk of messing all that up. Either raise the minimum required number of players needed so that you don't have another Sixers situation or expand the rosters if you don't want to pause the season. I don't know what the final answer will be but I know that after handing the bubble so well the NBA is a disaster right now and probably will be for a while.