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Kevin Stefanski Admits Watching Football Is Tougher Than Coaching It, Essentially Saying Fans Are Heroes

It's about time somebody in the game admitted this. What fans do on a game day is tougher than anyone on the field or sidelines. Allow me to explain.

Players and coaches work 349 days a year to have 16 opportunities to go out there and lay it all on the line. Regardless of how things turn out at the end of the game, they are as well-prepared as they could possibly be — or at least they should be. And once they're out on the field, they control what happens. Win or lose, they determine how things are going to go and then they have to live with what they did to result in a win or loss.

Fans, however, have to just sit there and let it happen. We invest time and money into something that we have absolutely no control over for whatever insane reason we choose to do it. And more often than not, it ends in disgusting heartbreak that was 100 percent avoidable.

So I'm glad Kevin Stefanski got a taste of what it's like to be so invested in a team and just have to sit in the basement and hope things were going to turn out well. Anybody can go to work all week and then live with whatever happens on game day, because it's on them. Fans just have to tune in and hope their team beats the other team to avoid unexplainable pain.

So basically Stefanski admits that being a fan is tougher and more admirable than being an NFL head coach. I will accept and echo his premise, as he is absolutely correct.