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I Hate Jim Nantz With The Passion Of 1,000 Burning Suns

Idk if it's 1,000 or 10,000 or just THOUSANDS of burning suns, but whatever the BTU registers at, that's my amount of hate I have in my belly for Jim Nantz. And even then that may not be enough for me given his dog shit effort in last night's Bears game. 

Now I know a lot of people want to easily blame Javon Wims for dropping a bread basket touchdown. Other want to criticize a lack of discipline, wide receiver depth, secondary matchups, play-calling and on it goes. There's plenty of fingers to point when you only give up 21 points but still get masterfully blown the fuck out. That's hard to do in today's NFL but there were the 2020 Bears last night. Surprising the absolute shit out of us for one more time. 

But my real surprise rests squarely on the broad, arrogant, self-hugging shoulders of Jim Nantz. I could care less that he's 6'3 and has the standing reach on me. I wanted to punch him in the face so many times last night I really stopped keeping count half way through the 2nd quarter. If there was a replay - he thought it favored the Saints. If Gene Steratore gets patched in, he works Gene into explaining shit in favor of the Saints. When Romo had even a fraction of a compliment, Nantz would fire back AND THEN THINK OF BREES because he just couldn't handle the Bears getting an ounce of positive conversation. 

Blatant issues with the referees that should be questioned and analyzed were packaged up as OUTSTANDING OFFICIATING. He couldn't even be bothered to take a look at the Bears' depth chart before the game. Just probably thought Drew Brees would hang 50 and he'd be back at the hotel bar without breaking a sweat. People forget (mostly because Jim Nantz absolutely sucks at his job) it was a 7-3 game with 4 minutes left in the 3rd quarter before the Saints scored on a 15-play drive. And up to that point you would've thought this was a preseason Hall Of Fame game honoring Drew Brees. 

It wasn't. 

It was a wildcard round playoff game and Jim Nantz didn't give a fuck. Couldn't have been bothered to even try to be a biased broadcaster. He should be ashamed of himself but instead he's busy wanting more money from CBS because people like Tony Romo more. 

NY Post - Sources said Nantz is seeking to top the $17.5 million yearly salary Romo received on a new contract signed right before the pandemic hit as everything perfectly aligned for the standout NFL analyst.

Nantz has been out front for CBS for three decades. He currently makes $6.5 million per year on a contract that ends early next summer, according to sources.

"Seeking to TOP the $17.5 million" … I mean this guy might be the most delusional broadcaster in the history of broadcasting things. Someone check Jim Nantz for me and tell him Carl said he's not allowed to call any more Bears games for the rest of his life. As a fan base I honestly don't think we could do another one. Fuck that guy.