True Love Is Dead: Bodybuilder Who Married A Sex Doll Admitted He Cheated On Her While She Was Being Repaired

[Source] - But he revealed she had broken just days before Christmas and was being repaired.

In the meantime, he recently posted a video on Instagram of himself touching a silver object with small ridges while wearing nothing but his underwear.

Yuri, who has 99,000 followers, wrote: “Looks like I've got a new passion.”

One follower replied: “Hey…Are you cheating on your wife?!”

Yuri said “maybe”, adding: “I can’t stand while she’s in the hospital.”

What the fuck! First Kanye and Kim and now this?!? How am I supposed to believe in true love when this bodybuilder is cheating on his sex doll wife with a silver object. There was no marriage more beautiful, more real than this one. I mean look at how lavish the wedding was! 

He couldn't even last a month without cheating! That's without arguments. That's without her nagging about him watching too much football. That's without her cooking the wrong meal. Everything was going swimmingly before she broke and had to be repaired. Must have been a wild ass honeymoon for her to break that quickly. And to cheat on her with a silver object?!? How dare you sir? At least go for another sex doll. Mix it up and get a brunette or blonde since she has pink hair. 

Really though I'm just thinking this dude is the horniest guy alive. We had the porn king saga before, but I don't even think he can hold a candle to ole Yuri here. Marrying a sex doll, breaking her within a month and still cheating? That's one horny dude. That Scottish brewery was right. 2021 sucks. 

Oh and he's 100% the weirdest dude in the world. I don't care if it's 2021. Just be normal, marry someone who tolerates you that's actually a living, breathing person and deal with the stupid fights. Deal with you letting them down when you're wearing the same pair of pajamas for the second day in a row. That's marriage!

PS: How pissed are you if you're someone who bought them a gift for the wedding? A month in and it's gotta get returned.