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I Just Don't Understand ANYTHING Matt Nagy Does Or How He Still Has A Job

You know...I was ready to move on. We have hockey this week and while the Blackhawks are going to be a train wreck I am still excited to have the NHL back in my life on a nightly basis. I was burying the Bears mentally and moving on. I was going to put my energies somewhere else because Rappaport and everyone else said that both Pace and Nagy were safe and I wasn't going to pound my head against the wall for another Head Coach and GM in this town. Then...I saw the tweet above and now I am mad all over again. 

HOW!? You're depleted. The offense is completely stagnant. Mitch can't do anything and maybe he can't do anything because he is throwing to literal bums out there. Javon fucking Wims was on the field for 44 of 50 snaps. Anthony Miller was on the field for 24 and he got thrown out. Riley Ridley, a guy who hasn't sniffed the field in YEARS had more snaps than your prized free agent TE and consistent passing game target, Jimmy Graham. How can anyone explain that? How can Nagy justify it? Sure, maybe Kmet did enough in recent weeks to surpass him on the depth chart. In fact, I hope to god that happened. There is just no way the offense would be better off with Wims/Ridley/Miller getting more snaps and more targets than Jimmy Graham. Impossible. I won't hear of it. And if Graham was banged up or something he sure didn't show it on the last play of the game

An incredible catch followed by "fuck you guys, I am outta here". Sometimes it feels like Matt Nagy and this offense is trying to live up to the genius label that nobody tagged him with besides himself and he outthinks himself into an offense that puts up 3 points. He stinks. It's been three years of a wasted defense that gets worn down because they can't catch their breath at the end of games. It's pathetic. I can't take it anymore and yet we have to. 

The Bears missed on the QB draft. They missed on this defense that for a period of time was one of the best in the league. They wasted it. Things are NOT going to be better next year and the same leadership group is going to be left in charge to make decisions that will impact the next 5-10 years of the organization, but that same leadership group will be here for probably one more year max so what is the point of letting them make that decision? It boggles the mind. It enrages me. These are common sense decisions and common sense solutions and those are two things that the Bears have been missing for an entire generation. The Bears are the Jets but nobody realizes it because the Bears always seem to be just out of the spotlight enough and just average enough to avoid heaps of criticism. Sell the team, fire everyone, let's move on