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If This Clip Of Baron Davis Playing A Doctor Removing Joe Dirt's Testicles From His Stomach Is Any Indication, Joe Dirt 2 Is Going To Be A Hell Of a Movie


I’m not saying this scene makes any sense at all. What I am saying is if they released this scene as a way to hype the movie, we are in for something real interesting when it’s released tomorrow. They basically said “fuck it, we can do whatever the fuck we want” and got real weird with it. I respect that. No cookie cutter bullshit. We are getting David Spade/Joe Dirt how he drew it up in his mind, nobody to tell him what he can or cannot do. That’s Shakespeare type shit. So pure. I don’t know why Baron Davis is playing a doctor. I don’t know why he has a 3 minute monologue with D– acting. And I don’t know what else to expect if this scene made the cut. But what I do know is if you can put aside your brain for an hour and a half, we are in for a real treat when this movie drops tomorrow.