"I Woke Up And Chose Violence": The NBA Is Going To Rue The Day They Crossed Joel Embiid

Tim Nwachukwu. Getty Images.


Adam Silver seems like a decent enough man. A nice guy who works hard and means well. But Adam Silver done messed up. He done messed up so much that the fate of the entire NBA is now at stake here. 

You see--Joel Embiid was already operating at a pretty high level through the first couple weeks of the 2021 NBA season. Through the first 7-8 games, he looked like he could very well end up being an MVP candidate this season. That was before the NBA crossed him. That was before Adam Silver forced him to choose violence. 

After Seth Curry tested positive for COVID and several Sixers had to quarantine due to being in close contact, the Sixers were left with just 7 players to take on Denver on Saturday. Danny Green, a bunch of rookies, and an injured Mike Scott. You figured that given the current state of the world right now, the NBA would step in here and postpone the game. But no. Adam Silver would do no such thing. And why is that?

Because the league still hates the Sixers for Sam Hinkie. They still have it out for this team because one man had the balls to do what so many organizations wish they could. Manipulate the system in their favor. So instead of postponing the game, the undermanned Sixers were left with no other choice but to go out and lose a valiant, hard fought game against the Nuggets. One in which Tyrese Maxey announced to the world that the Sixers finally learned how to draft. 

That's not the point, though. Because the Sixers were basically punched in the face with a loss by the league because they wouldn't reschedule the game. Left with no other choice but to play the game with only 2 players coming off the bench. But when it comes to the NBA's precious little Boston Celtics? When it comes to their precious little Miami Heat?

Adam Silver could never allow those teams to play under such circumstances. And all that said to Joel Embiid was "the Sixers can fuck off for all I care". Which may have just unlocked the final, ultimate form of Joel Embiid. No longer does this man play in the NBA, but he now plays against the NBA. Every time he takes to the floor he will be fueled by spite, hatred, and rage. Adam Silver will rue the day he created this monster. Spite-fueled domination is imminent. Buckle up. 

P.S. - Some more Tyrese Maxey appreciation.