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Through video presentations, film exhibits, interactive stations, a photo gallery and pieces of memorabilia, the museum offers insight into the lives and careers of the players who contributed so much to the game of baseball while helping to advance the Civil Rights movement.



Reader Email

Dear Barstool Fund,

I am writing this submission in honor of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. I have been a stoolie for 12 years going and cannot think of a better nomination for my hometown of Kansas City. While the majority of the businesses helped have been submitted through their own, I am doing it on their behalf as I have no other affiliation other than hometown pride. There is no other NLBM just as there is no other Barstool in the world. I believe the majority of these two audiences may never have known of each other, but have equal passion for the things they love and care for. Connecting them both for this fund would be a tremendous honor.

The NLBM runs on two sources of income - donations and entrance admissions. This would also be an outstanding platform of education that remembers our past that is so often forgotten. Below are a few short videos that encompass the museum and Buck O'Neill who was the founder/curator/story teller who embodies what the museum stands for.

Thank you for taking the time and consideration to read this email. I appreciate all that you've done for small businesses in these trying times.

PS - The merch would be fire!


Chadd Peter