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Wake Up With the Voice Actors from Spongebob

In honor of The Slime Zone, Gabby’s questions about player bathroom habits, Noah Eagle’s “Ned’s Declassified” references, Nate Burleson’s “Catdog,” metaphors, Cole Kmet’s appreciation for “Drake and Josh” and Sean Payton getting slimed, I give you this.

Voiceover work is an interesting little specialty in the acting profession. And I’m always fascinated to see familiar character’s voices coming out of the mouths of actual living adults. Come for Tom Kenny as Spongebob, stay to hear Mr. Krabs played by Clancy Brown, the meanders screw to ever walk a turn at Shawshank. But mainly, appreciate the fact that Plankton is one of the all time underrated supervillains. I’m sure Gabby would agree with me.

P.S. I hope the Super Bowl is on Nick too. I’d watch it there in a heartbeat.