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A Ladder Through The TV Is The Only Appropriate Way For a Steelers Fan To React To Baker Mayfield Ending Their Season

Everyone handles their losses differently. Some take walks outside, some get shitfaced, some refuse to do dishes and threaten to kill themselves, and other smash tvs with ladders. Now there's no way to be certain that this video isn't staged, but for the sake of the blog I'm going to act like it's real. I want to believe if the goal was to stage this he wouldn't have tweeted it with his entire ass hanging out. No why would a fucking ladder be chilling on a random wall in this dude's home? Listen, I don't have that answer for you, but to each their own with their ladder placement. Who am I to judge? 

What we're witnessing here is a first hand look at a Steelers fan coming to the realization Baker Mayfield just ended his season without a head coach and zero practice leading up to the game. Three months into the season this fan wasn't even considering the possibility of his team playing during Wild Card weekend. 11-0 with no signs of stopping all comes crashing down in a matter of weeks. The reaction? Grabbing his trusty ladder like he's in the middle of a TLC match and smashing it through his big screen with no regard for human life. I can hear Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross from here screaming at the audacity. Just let it out buddy. All of that pent up anger from the very first snap over Big Ben's head to Tomlin punting at midfield with all of the momentum in the world resulted in this moment. Pure destruction and anarchy. My guy ripped his shirt in half Hulk Hogan style like it was a pair of tear away pants. Just incredible. 

No one tell him the Browns have dealt with pure misery and sadness since time began. I have a friend who is a die hard Browns fan and has literally only known losing since he was born. Jeff D Lowe and Tate the very same fate. Legit born losers. Now we have this guy who has seen two Super Bowl victories in his life time destroying his house because of a wild card round loss. That's what losing to the Browns will do to you I guess. I get that this is 99% certain the end of Big Ben and an era for Pittsburgh, but holy butt crack get it together.

Again, could be staged, but let's believe in something for once. Life is more fun that way. I really only blogged this to rehash the best video ever. Angry Steelers fans, what would we do without them?