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Baker Mayfield Met One Of His O-Linemen For The First Time Before The Game


Here is how this all went down:
1) Browns All-Pro LG Joel Bitonio gets COVID, out for the game
2) Michael Dunn gets the start in his place
3) Michael Dunn gets injured
4) Blake Hance, who had never met Baker Mayfield before, comes into the game

...and guess what?

I actually said out loud, "Hance? Who the fuck is that?" He might have been the last option, too, as the Browns were down multiple linemen. I couldn't have been more confused as to who was on the field. Usually, I am pretty good with Browns players' names for guys who don't play. Each week I put graphics together for preview blogs and scan the entire roster.

I had no fucking idea who this guy was, and for good reason...

He was part of a team that beat the Browns only a few weeks ago!

Does Baker even know his last name!?

…and guess what…

Happy Birthday to a guy named Blake!

Pretty good shit tonight, Blake Hance.