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ALERT ALERT: Sex And The City Is Coming Back



Anyone who wants to pretend to be too cool to be excited for this can see themselves out. SATC was a FIRE show and like many, many girls before me, I've modeled almost my entire life off of of it. Ask ANY bitch in New York why she wanted to move to New York...I guarantee you they mention Sex and the City. And if they don't, they're just afraid of looking basic and inauthentic. What's more authentic than being influenced by one of the first shows that talked about sex, partying and real life shit through the lens of a hopeless romantic, in the greatest city in the world? Sure, once we all moved here, we realized it's equal parts romance AND total turmoil, but when New York is good, it's as good as it gets. And now we get EVEN MORE.

How are Carrie and Big doing? If they're broken up, I might kill myself honestly. What about Steve and the bar? Charlotte and Harry?? I even want to know what's happening at Miranda's law firm!!! Samantha (Kim Cattrall) won't be on the show though, because in real life they all had a falling out, so I wonder if there's going to be as much sex. Nobody does it like Samantha, installing sex swings in her Meatpacking District apartment in like, 1998. 

Another plus, THINK OF THE CAMEOS! I rewatch the series on a yearly basis, and the amount of famous people that were on the show is insane. Bradley Cooper, Bridget Moynihan...Justin Theroux played TWO different characters a few season apart!! They thought we'd never notice!! We did, but we loved it.

I'm excited as hell. There's a LOT that SJP needs to live up to with this, but I have faith in the fact that I'll be binging these new episodes as frequently as the old ones.

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