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A Scottish Brewery Is Giving 4 Free Beers To Every Person In The UK Because '2021 Sucks'

This right here might be the most UK thing I've ever seen. Actually, the only thing missing here is something involving soccer and fish and chips. But what a move by BrewDog, which actually has good beer! Shout out the fact they came to Ohio and I can drink that beer when I want. But I digress. This is a hell of a move because everyone loves beer, specifically free beer. It ranks behind t-shirts as the best free thing to get. 

But how about this company just punting on 2021 already? A little premature to just say 2021 sucks so far. It's actually been pretty decent for me. Kentucky is undefeated. The Knicks are actually fun to watch. We got a Tiger documentary and golf is back. Not too shabby of a start. Hell, even Tottenham is winning matches! Sure, I'll take four free beers but I'm not going to say 2021 sucks when we're not even two weeks in. 

Oh and of course there's no a long ass wait for the beer. Don't get me wrong, I'd still sign up because when it does show up in a month or so it's a decent surprise. But there's a 100% chance I'd rather just hop in the car and go the 2 minutes down the road to pick up a 6-pack. And I know, you don't have to say it, this is a clear marketing campaign. No shit. But 4 free beers are 4 free beers. Decent little Monday night if you ask me. 

DogBrew and Barstool Fund. People helping people and that's what's awesome.