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Wake Up With The Rangers And Twins Getting Their Game Delayed Because Of An Insanely Loud Strike Of Lightning

Gooooood god was that loud. There is nothing you can do in this situation except for what everyone on the field did, either drop down or sprint your ass into the dugout. That's the real flight or fight reaction there too. 0 time to think, your body makes the decision for you. The best play was from the guy on first who just drops and covers up, he ain't risking it. Umps headed for shelter too, they weren't messing around to see IF the storm was coming, cuz that lightning let them know it was. That thing legit shook the ballpark too. I imagine you could feel that in your chest too, sheeeeesh. For a split second, that has to be absolutely terrifying, then you can laugh it off a minute later, but damn thats scary.