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Sean Payton Living Up To His Promise And Getting Slimed After The Saints Win Is The Greatest Celebration In Sports History

First off, Sean, what the fuck are you doing with the Jordan's on? Take those off right this second! You can't just be comfortable getting slimed while wearing concords. No sir. Granted, you have millions of dollars so you can afford it and I'm just a blogger, but you gotta take them off when you get fucking slimed. 

Second, this is awesome. This is the greatest celebration in sports history. Why? If you're like me and born in the 80s, you dreamed of getting slimed. You wanted to be on Guts, Legends of the Hidden Temple and Double Dare, probably in that order. And all you could think about was how awesome it would be to a) find the flag in the nose during Double Dare and b) get slimed like this. 

Coley talked about it earlier today, but we need one game like this on Nick every year: 

Shit, spread it out and put something from each sport on there. You're telling me you wouldn't watch Bill Walton call a game on Nick? Imagine what he'd do the moment he saw some fake slime coming out of a hoop. He'd lose his shit. We'd get a whole new version of high Walton. 

We thought the slime zone was fucking awesome and it was, getting your head coach actually slimed is somehow better. This is especially the case since Payton talked about doing it on Friday. You can't back down on something like that. 

Imagine what he'd do if he won NVP though. You can't take that from Mitch. 

PS: If the Saints don't bring slime with them for the rest of the playoffs they deserve to lose to the Bucs. Start sliming the game MVP from here on out. Make it your thing and run with it. Just don't slime Taysom Hill, he sucks.