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28-0 Browns With 1:56 Left In The 1st Quarter!!!! Pass The Sticks!!!!!!!

WITH 1:56 LEFT IN THE FIRST QUARTER!!!!!!! If this were a Madden game, the Steelers would have to pass the sticks. Mercy rule. People would be yelling at them to give up. But I'm not going to say anything else. I'm not going to jinx this team, even though we're almost up thousand points. I'm just here to report the time and score and then read all of your comments about how I was right and you all were wrong. Hahahahahahhah I cannot believe this. If you would've told me that one of the teams tonight was going to snap it over their quarterbacks head on the very first play and go down 28-0 in the first quarter, I'd have put my life savings on that it was the Browns. But it's not the Browns. HEY JUJU, IT'S NOT THE SAME OLD BROWNS!!

This bum better start keeping his head on the swivel, if the Steelers ever get to play some offense. The Browns did not take too kindly to his comments and I would HATE to see him leave the field in a body bag. I do appreciate him making them though.

28-0 HAHAHAAHAHHAHAHA. Can you imagine Kevin Stefanski sitting in his basement right now watching this game? Start watching Chiefs film at halftime, Coach. We've got a big game next week.