MailTime PSA - Tonight Is Date Night For Men All Across The Country

This is it boys. One of the very few days, if not the only day, that there’s absolutely no sports on. MLB is on break one more night, everything else is out of season. I suppose Big Cat will be at home with a parlay riding on the Sky and the Indiana Fever, but for the rest of us out there, tonight is the night. Tonight you bite the bullet and you take your lady out and do it with a huge smile on your face. Roll out the red carpet. Flowers, fancy restaurant. Do something absurd like “Go Dancing” or some shit. And you can get double points by not checking your phone once. You can even pick a restaurant that doesnt have a TV. She doesnt need to know about the sports scheduling tonight. She’s none the wiser. Everyone is happy. Its officially Girlfriend Night across America.

My wife asked me “Oh yea? What are you gonna do for me for Girlfriend Night?” I just laughed and I said youre my wife not my girlfriend.

We also go through a list of things you should buy during Amazon Prime Day today, talk about NBA free agency and how its the ulimate MailTime lazy man’s process, some DVR talk with True Detective, Bloodline and Mr. Robot, and I quickly recap my week in the hospital and my inevitable spiral into narcotics addiction.

Its mailtime!