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The Nickelodeon NFL Broadcast Better Be Here To Stay

I don't know who got this approved, but my guess is that Roger Goodell is just finding out about this broadcast in real time. No way this hit his desk and he gave it the thumbs up. It's too much fun for the NFL. A League famous for taking itself entirely too seriously now has slime cannons and commentary about poops mid-game. Remember Jason Witten on Monday Night Football? For those of you who haven't blocked that from their memory, this is the opposite of that. 

And since this is the maiden voyage I only see room to grow and build. The Bears are playing, why not superimpose real bears over the players? These digital slime cannons are nice for today, but I didn't grow up watching humans get bukkakeed for this half-steppin'. Get some real slime cannons out there and blast Michael Thomas in the face next time he crosses into the slime zone. Trainers can stay home, those beavers from Rocko's Modern Life will take care of any and all injuries moving forward.

Also, no more traditional overtime. Nickelodeon gets all the hype for its cartoons but I'd argue no channel has a finer collection of game shows. Get Olmec and Kirk Fogg involved. Maybe see if Marc Summers is still alive and break out the Double Dare obstacle course. Mike O'Malley and Mo are not ready for what Aaron Donald could do to the Mega Agro Crag in record time.

CBS, ABC, Fox, ESPN, all of them should be embarrassed that they've had this wide of a head start broadcasting America's favorite sport and let Nickelodeon show up and steal the hearts of the Nation like this.