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Celtics/Heat Is Officially Postponed Because The Heat Don't Have Enough Active Players

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Well this is quickly turning into one gigantic shitshow for the NBA. Here was a look at the Heat injury report heading into today's game

I guess all of those guys had to actually be OUT today for one inconclusive test to give the Heat not enough players to reach the minimum required for this game to happen. On the Celtics side they were already planning to be without 9 players, but they were able to find 8 bodies so we were all under the impression that this game would actually happen. I was looking forward to seeing the end of bench guys/rookies actually get real minutes. It was either going to be a complete disaster or one of the most shocking wins in the NBA this season. 

I know this is where a lot of Sixers fans will probably be pissed because they were forced to play with 8 (7 active) guys yesterday, and unfortunately that's just some shit luck. If either MIA or BOS were able to dress 8, I'd want them to play. But if you can't reach that number, it sounds like the league will give you a postponement. That's tough for someone like the Sixers who technically had 8 bodies but only 7 could play. The rules definitely fucked them on that one.

Pretty much everyone with a brain can see that the league needs to take a 2 week break or something in order to figure all this shit out. It seems like every minute we're hearing about another team having to quarantine people for 10-14 days. We're dealing with the exact opposite of what we saw in the bubble. At the same time, this is the precise reason they didn't schedule the second half of the season, so they could adjust. Nobody cares about the Olympics and the league needs to realize that. You know what people do care about? The actual NBA season. 

Feels like we're starting a slipper slope here when it comes to competitive balance and all that shit, so Adam Silver needs to wake up and realize maybe it's time to smash the pause button.