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The Titans Just Launched One Of The Most Cowardly Punts In The History Of The NFL, No Exaggeration


I cannot believe what I just saw. The entire Internet cannot believe it. Down 17-13 in the 4th quarter, in enemy territory on the 40, Mike Vrabel dialed up a PUNT on 4th and 2. I had to do a double take on the game and then gave myself a blood test to make sure I didn't drop acid and was deep in a hallucination. But my blood test came back clean and it turns out Vrabel really did that. The worst punt decision I've ever seen. Especially because even though he's been mostly shut down today, you still have Derrick Henry. If there was EVER a time, EVER A FREAKING TIME where you trust Derrick Henry, it's from the 40 in a playoff game on 4th and 2. I am flabbergasted by this decision. That's right folks, flabbergasted.