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Who Doesn't Love The Smell Of Their Own Undercarriage?




Are we all gonna pretend we’ve never done this and condemn the lady for doing it?  If that’s the way we’re gonna handle that video then fine.  I’ll play along.  She’s soooooooo grosssssssssssssss.  Oh my god that’s so nasty.  Only the bottom of the barrel type of people would stick their hand down their pants and then go for a little whiff.  Just for a second, just to see how it smells.  So nasty.  It’s not like everybody is curious about what their balls or lips smell like. So so so so so gross.  On the flip side, if I were a person who has done this a thousand times (which again, I’m not. So gross *wink*) I’d say that it’s all good.  Everybody wants to know what their undercarriage smells like.  The one mistake that lady made was doing it on public transportation.  That is actually gross.  That’s an activity that takes place in the comfort of your own home and nowhere else.  Not to mention she didn’t just go for a quick sniff, she went ALL IN.  That smell she inhaled put her on a different planet.  She loved every second of it.