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Bears At Saints - Here Come The Nickelodeon Bears - Live Blog

After a very weird season here we are.

Wild Card weekend.

Your 8-8 #7 seed Chicago Bears taking on the #2 New Orleans Saints. I know nobody is giving us a snowballs chance in hell and honestly it's kind of a freeing feeling. Like Washington fans had yesterday. They knew who they were, but they were there anyway rooting for something to happen and it (somewhat) almost did.

Sure, no Roquan & Mooney hurt, but there has certainly been crazier things that have happened than the Bears beating the Saints so to that I say let's fucking go.

Need the defense to get their shit together and take it personal that people have dumped on their last 6 games so hard when they've had an unreal 3 year body of work. Need Mitch to play like it's his last game as a starter in the NFL. Need Nagy to coach like it's his last game in Navy & Orange. Need all of it.

Nickelodeon Bears here we go.