Nick Young Instragams What Happened When He Tried To Play Defense On Kobe And I Can Relate

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Swaggy! Tried that new finagled “defense” thing he’d heard so much about. Didn’t work out in his favor. I can definitely relate though. No I don’t have any athletic ability whatsoever. But it is like the other day I decided to try mouthwash. Because yea I have a big head and bags under my eyes and my muscles resemble those of a baby deer learning to walk and I have been told my voice resembles a sound they use at Guantanamo Bay, but by golly my teeth game is on point. Pearly whites for days. But I’ve never been a mouth wash guy. So I decided to dabble in it and I hated it. The swooshing and the boredom of it, counting down from 30 in my head, just didn’t want to deal with it anymore. So I’m on the mend too. Swaggy can’t just start guarding people all willy nilly and I can’t just start swooshing mint alcohol shit around in my mouth. Am I going to try again? I don’t know yet. Because if there is anything Swaggy P has taught me is don’t mess up a good thing. Keep hitting that 16-0-0 stat line and life is good.