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Chadwick's Restaurant is the answer to finding great American Cuisine in Brooklyn, New York. With a beautiful oak bar, high ceilings, burgundy banquettes and fireplace, this warm and inviting atmosphere is a great place to be for any and all occasions.



Reader Email

We opened our doors 33 years ago on Oct 19,1987, the day of the market crash known as Black Monday. We have a staff, the majority of which, have been with us for 20-30 years. Since then we have endured many ups and downs but never anything close to what we are experiencing now. We have done our very best during this time to make smart decisions that will keep us afloat. You ask what makes our restaurant valuable to our community. What we think makes us special and valuable to our community is our unwavering support. We have supported and hosted fund raising events on behalf of our first responders, schools, churches, local community organizations and our veterans and it has been our pride and please to do so. What is happening now doesn't just effect small business, it effect everything that surrounds it. We are fortunate to have a community that is supportive of local businesses but now during the winter months and this imposed shutdown, it is difficult to see a positive light at the end of the tunnel. Our focus during this past 9 months has been our employees. Some of our employees do not qualify for unemployment benefits but my partner and myself have made sure they are financially supported during this time. When the original shutdown occurred in March we restructured our menu for take out but after several weeks realized it was not successful. We rode out the remainder of the shutdown, working hard to get ready for outdoor dining. We now had the additional expense of creating a safe outdoor dining area that would lend itself to the type of restaurant we represented and the neighborhood responded well. With the return of indoor dining at 25%, we did our best to give our employees and patrons a safe working and dining experience, all again at great expense. However, when the winter months came outdoor dining was no longer working and we only had indoor dining to rely on. December was the month that we had hoped would carry us during the slower months of January & February 2021. Our politicians have taken this from all of us and now we are hoping for some glimmer of hope that will get through these next few months. We appreciate all the efforts you and your donors have made on behalf of all small business and if nothing else comes of this you certainly have shown them how to get it done!!