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LaMelo Ball Is The Youngest Player In NBA History To Record A Triple Double

No one has had an introduction to the NBA like LaMelo Ball. Between LaVar, Lonzo being drafted by the Lakers, LiAngelo getting arrested in China, a Facebook reality television show, primetime AAU games against Zion that LeBron could barely get tickets to, viral half court heaves that would make Steph Curry blush, and foregoing college to play professionally in Australia. There’s almost no one who had such a bright spotlight at such a young age because of the actions of other people. Now, perhaps for the first time, the spotlight is on him because of him. And while he’s far from a finished product, he’s shown plenty to deserve it.

People hate triple doubles now. Russell Westbrook got too many of them or something. I don’t give a shit. Being the youngest to have that large of an impact on a single game is cool as hell. Lonzo will always be able to brag about being the higher pick, LaMelo will always be able to brag about this, LiAngelo will always be able to brag about being locked up abroad. Win-win-win.

I don’t know how long it will take for LaMelo to be looked at as his own man, his own entity. But the secret right now is that he’s really fucking good at basketball for a 19-year old. And a 6’7” point guard with elite passing abilities and a no fucks given trigger is extremely cool and worth the hype no matter what the name plate on the back of the jersey says.