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Are The Padres About To Make Fernando Tatis Jr A Very Rich Man?

Well, well, well. What do we have here? Rumors starting to swirl that the Padres are preparing to offer an extension to one of the most electric players in baseball, Fernando Tatis Jr. Bad news if you're a 3-0 fastball. Jon Heyman and others are reporting that talks are happening but theres no clue as to how they are progressing or when the deal is going to be done. A few numbers thrown out there too, 10-years? Pio Deportes saying that it may be 11-years for $320 million which would be a nice chunk of change. Now maybe it's getting thrown out there by his agent to drum up some interest from the team? Who knows. 

You can't deny that Tatis is one of the best young players in baseball and if they lock him up long term and solidify the middle of that infield with him and Machado (they also share an agent), they will be a force for years. He's due to hit arbitration in 2022, and wouldn't be a free agent until after 2024, but if they can go ahead and get this signed, sealed, and delivered before then they'd be in good shape. Tatis Jr is a special player and just turned 22, kid has a lot of good baseball ahead of him and it sounds like he may be in San Diego for a longgggggg time.