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50 Cent Responds To Bankruptcy In True Rapper Fashion By Making It Rain In A Strip Club



Hell yes.  Thats’s how you do it.  Double down when your back is pressed up against a wall.  People are running around calling you broke as shit and dragging your name through the mud?  Well you respond in kind by hitting up the nearest strip club and tossing fistfuls of dollar bills at the stage while nice young ladies shake their asses.  So cocky so arrogant and I love it.  That’s the 50 Cent I came to love in the early 2000s as an impressionable teenager who wore G-Unit shirts in Eastern Iowa. That’s the 50 Cent who walked around in a bullet proof vest, beefed with anybody who looked at him wrong and called Fat Joe a pussy boy on stage at the VMAs.  The 50 Cent who flat out ruined Ja Rule’s career and life.  That’s him back there.  And yeah, I know he’s not actually broke and has more than enough money to throw around a strip club but that’s the other hilarious part.  I’m not a lawyer but what I have read says he’s trying to stop a lawsuit and claim that he doesn’t have all the money that people think he has.  Interesting strategy.  Showering strippers in an endless steam of dollar bills would appear to work against what he’s trying to do but fuck it.  The day rappers start doing responsible things with their money is the day I stop following hip hop.  Make it rain, Fiddy!  Make it rain!