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Straight Out Of A Movie: 3 Years Ago Today Texas Found Out Andrew Jones Was Diagnosed With Cancer.... Today He Hit The Game-Winner Against WVU

Three years ago today Shaka Smart had to tell a bunch of college kids that one of their teammates was diagnosed with cancer. A day later the world found out. Jones was the best 3-point shooter on the team at the time. Ultimately he ends up beating leukemia, getting back on the court and is a starter again for Texas. That alone is the best story for him. But then this happened today. 

Fucking unbelievable. And sure we can talk about Emmit Matthews missing two free throws for WVU right before this to set it up. But it all plays into it. That's just why it's straight out of a movie plot. It even does feel like Texas straight up stole this game. They got up early, but WVU was in the lead for the majority of the game. It felt like they had a chance to push the game out of reach when they were up 7 before they let Texas tie it up. But the fact is this Texas team is just a bit different than most Texas teams. They get stagnant on offense and there are times where their guards feel like they need to match a 3 the moment an opponent hits one. BUT, the moment they realize they can just keep taking teams off the dribble this happens. It was a perfect drive and kick instead of ISO play. That's where Texas is thriving with the 3 guard, Greg Brown and a big lineup. 


Nothing from this game really changes my outlook on WVU either. They are a top-15 team in the country who lost at home to a top-5 team with a second to go. I like how they are surrounding Derek Culver with 4 perimeter plays off. That'll pay off in the long run instead of playing multiple bigs together. 

Oh and if that wasn't enough for Jones, he also did this today

Fuck cancer.