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Well Shit, Now Jayson Tatum Is Expected To Miss The Next 10-14 Days

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I mean what the hell is going on in the NBA right now. The Sixers can barely field a roster right now, Valanciunas had to be taken out of a game at halftime last night or whatever, the Celts roster was already decimated due to these health and safety protocols, and now this. You can now add their best player to the list. A 10-14 day quarantine? That is massive. If he has covid I hope everything goes well and he recovers quickly. If it ends up being 14 days from today that brings you to January 24th, which would be a total of 8 games. One against the Heat, two against the Sixers. Pretty important H2H matchups in a shortened season.

For those who may not be tracking at home, this is currently the list of Celtics who are out for one reason or another:

Kemba Walker

Jayson Tatum

Romeo Langford

Robert Williams

Grant Williams

Tristan Thompson

That is insane. Look at those names again! This couldn't come at a worst time either given how well Tatum and Jaylen are playing. They are dominating the NBA at this moment in time. Every single night putting up a combined 55+ points. Tatum was off to the best start of his career and was playing at a top 10 player level. It's a huge reason why this team is 7-3. Things were already tough enough given how shorthanded they were, now you add removing their best player from the equation? If Brad finds a way to win these games we might need to give him another extension on the spot.

The NBA obviously has to consider all options right now if all of these teams are going to be missing so many players. If the Sixers have to postpone their game because they can't get enough healthy bodies, do we see the league just take a 2 week break or something? This is a new situation, everything has to be on the table and you can't have a product where every team is gutted for long stretches. 

I don't know what the solution is but I do know this fucking sucks.