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There's A "Very Real Chance" Taylor Heinicke Starts And Battles Tom Brady Tomorrow


As the wisest philosopher of our times once said, "it's never simple, never easy". That was Taylor Swift singing about a break-up, but it also applies here. Not in my adult life has there ever once been stability at quarterback in Washington. Not once! So why would we expect it to go any other way now, less than 24 hours away from facing Tom Brady and his Buccaneers in a home playoff game? It just wouldn't be very Washington Football Team (that was funny to write tbh) of us if we knew who the quarterback was before lining up against the greatest quarterback of all time not named Colt McCoy.

On one hand we have a 1-legged Alex Smith who could barely beat a desperately trying to lose Eagles squad last week. On the other hand we have a healthy Taylor Heinicke, who to be fair did move the ball down the feel pretty well when he played, but also made you hold your breath on 60% of the throws. If you don't know who Heinicke is, this is his background:


He is a 27 year old undrafted QB out of ODU. He bounced from the Vikings to the Patriots to the Texans to the Panthers. He started 1 game for the Panthers, throwing for 274 yards and 3 INTs. He then went to the XFL where he was a backup and didn't take a snap. He then returned to the NFL this season on our practice squad, you know, because he played for Ron in Carolina.


Somehow though, I feel it would only be right if a guy with a Cinderella story faced Tom Brady. I guess to be fair that feel-good story could also be Alex Smith, but I digress. If it's Heinicke, it's Heinicke. Maybe he can pull some magic out of his cap, who knows. Crazier shit has happened, you saw Miracle. 

No reason to stop being optimistic now. It's only...Tom Brady. Lol. Whatever. Let's have fun. It feels like the biggest freeroll ever. Nobody expects us to win. Biggest upset in a long time if we win, nobody will be shocked if we lose. I love it that way. So lfg