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Legit Never Seen An Ending This Bizarre: Louisiana's Lights Go Off As Little Rock Attempts A Game-Winning Shot, Refs Don't Care

I feel like I've said this multiple times this season, but I've legitimately never seen this before. Six seconds left, two point game, the home team on defense and the lights just go off like Kane is coming out for the first time

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But, this lets me do something I love to do. Explain how fucking awful college basketball refs are. HOW DO YOU NOT FUCKING STOP THE GAME? The moment the lights go out, you blow the whistle. How fucking stupid are these refs? If this happens at a YMCA 4-year old game the refs who are typically some junior high kid dropped off by his mom knows to blow the whistle. This is why I hate you. A game was legit ruined because refs have no idea how to handle a basic common sense thing here. If you forget to blow the whistle how is there not a review here? We review everything in the fucking world in college basketball to the point where it makes games last an extra 20 minutes. You can't look at the clock and go oh shit, the lights were out, we should put 3 seconds back on the clock and finish it out like a normal game? Seems pretty logical to me.  

Now what a damn move by the operations department at Louisiana here. Worst case scenario the clock stops and it's a glitch and nothing happens. Best case scenario is this. You help your team win the game. Can't have homecourt advantage with no fans, just start fucking with the lights. It's an insane play, but it clearly works in the Sun Belt. 

AAU college hoops is here in full force. 

Oh and one more time, fuck college refs.