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PLAYOFF TIME! Everything You Need to Know Ahead of Today's Stool Streams XXXIV

The long wait is over, and the time has finally come. It is playoff time inside Stool Streams Stadium. We have two quarterfinal matchups ready to go at 5:30 PM ET tonight, in addition to one undercard match to start us off. On top of that, there is a $3,000 Progressive Jackpot prize ready to be claimed. Let's get you all thee info ahead of tonight's triple-header:

Remember to make your picks to get in on the Progressive Jackpot sweepstakes. $2,000 is yours if you can successfully go 6-for-6 on the Play Barstool app.

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Match 1 - Kayce and Smitty vs. Nick and KenJac

History: Kayce 3-2, Smitty 0-2, Nick 2-9, KenJac making debut

Storylines: This is an exhibition to get us hyped up for our two playoff matchups. Kayce and Smitty were two of the people who were on the outside looking in in the Jenga Season 1 draft, so this is an opportunity to showcase their skills before Season 2.

Quotes to Remember: "When I found out Nick was my opponent, I thought about quitting because I didn’t want to look at him for so long." - Kayce

"Kayce is pretty easy to break, she hates me." - Nick

Question 1 - Winning Team/Losing Block

Question 2 - Total Blocks

Match 2 - (4) Pressed vs. (5) Futból Team (Quarterfinals)

History: Pressed 4-2, Futból Team 4-2

Storylines: This match is what an Award Winning Listener dreams about. Big Cat. PFT Commenter. The two podcasting juggernauts go head-to-head with a chance to face Billy Football in the Final Four. We know that Big Cat likes to play his matches with some fast pace, while PFT and Kelly are the exact opposite, one of the slower teams in the office. Whoever dictates the pace will most likely win. 

Quotes to Remember: "I'm gonna take it out on Kelly for booking me Beans from Even Stevens every week." - Rone

"It would be a real shame if Big Cat and Rone ordered a bunch of fast food, specifically 2 McRibs, large fry, and a McDonalds sprite." - PFT

Question 3 - Winning Team/Losing Block

Question 4 - Total Blocks

Match 3 - (3) ZARCH vs. (6) Purple Hedgehogs

History: ZARCH 4-2, Purple Hedgehogs 3-3

Storylines: The storylines create themselves. After Robbie Fox pulled out of the tournament (trip to Abu Dhabi), Trent was forced to pick a new partner for the playoffs. His selection? Frank the Tank. Later in the week, Trent unfortunately got COVID, leaving Frank to pick his old partner to try and secure their first win. That's right, the men who went 0-6 in the regular season joins ZARCH to try and knock out Dave Portnoy in the postseason. Will Frank get that first Jenga win he's been searching for?

Quotes to Remember: "If we win, I will celebrate." - Frank the Tank

"I'm just preparing to tune out all the noise from Frank, he's a very noisy player." - Ria

Question 5 - Winning Team/Losing Block

Question 6 - Total Blocks (Exact Number)

Last order of business - block orders. These are crucial if you are interested in winning the Progressive Jackpot (aka, everybody):

First pull is at 5:30 PM ET. Remember to make your picks and we will see you then.