No Offense To Britney Spears, But Joe Thornton's Cover Of "Baby One More Time" Absolutely Dummies The Original

You know what? I don't care that his playing career is still going. Jumbo needs to go in the Hall of Fame and he needs to be in there right now. 

The term "beauty" was invented specifically for someone like Joe Thornton. What a life. What a player. What an all around dude. Guy just loves to spend his time in Switzerland, play some hockey, put up some ridiculous assist totals, and jam out to some Britney. 

Tell me this guy isn't going to put up 100 assists this year playing on a line with Matthews and Marner. 

Could Britney Spears ever get top line minutes plus first PP unit at the age of 41? Not a chance. But not only does Jumbo immediately get slotted into the top line in Toronto, but he owned the shit out of that "Baby One More Time" cover. 

I know that people love to shit on the Leafs but I don't know how anybody could be rooting against this man. And the impact he's going to have on that locker room? Woah baby. I'm starting to really talk my way into believing that Joe Thornton is getting out of his career with the Cup, and all it took was some Britney. 

P.S. - Couldn't end the blog without adding at least one nude. 

Oh sorry. Did you think I was talking about Britney?