How About Daniel Jones Taking The Giants O-Line To Miami?

Look at the Giants taking their talents to South Beach before Wild Card Weekend. What can possibly go wrong?

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Take as many boat pics as you want fellas because there is unfortunately not a game this week! But if you do, please don't make it look like a Where Are They Now for some boy band that's all growed up.

Now to be fair, I don't know if Daniel Jones is actually the one dropping all of his dimes for the hog mollies to fly down south like a flock of geese. But it strikes me as something a leader of men of his stature would do. Not because Daniel Jones wants to go to Miami. Heavens no! Real swag is no swag and Miami is as swaggy as it gets. I fully expect Danny to be sitting poolside with his black hat on along with SPF 10000 to make sure he doesn't get sunburnt. Mayyyybe if Danny wakes up feeling dangerous one day, he will order a cheeseburger through room service while all the guys who have kept him clean upright not dead any given Sunday are partying with Portnoy and Fat Joe. Let the big fellas have their fun in the sun and the club so we can use this story in next year's America's Game before we get back to work during Coach Judge's first full offseason program.